We are a Helsinki based community of citizens acting tangibly to enhance solidarity and cosmopolitanism in our town through creativity, culture, education and collectiveness. Our main focus is to promote, through concrete actions, the solidarity and creative collaboration among refugees, migrants and locals as one whole family of Helsinki citizens.

Collaborative workshops

Arts and culture for children and youth

In collaboration with Arkki, School of Architecture for children and youth, located in the Cable Factory, we organize art workshops for children from different backgrounds: refugees, migrants and locals. It’s all about making art and having fun together. Also, together with Helsinki-based street artists, we organize street art and culture workshops for refugee, migrant and local youth.

Climbing and bouldering

In collaboration with the bouldering center Boulderkeskus and the climbing center Kiipeily Areena, we organize bouldering and climbing sessions for refugee, migrant and local children and youth, all climbing together on the same walls.

Woodwork and design

In collaboration with Puuguru we organize wood workshops for refugees, migrants and locals, all learning and making wood work together.


In collaboration with the Helsinki based theater, Teatteri Metamorfoosi, we organize theater workshops. Refugees, migrants and locals finding new ways to express feelings and making theater all together.

Folk song choir

In collaboration with the Cultural Center Caisa and Kassandra choir we organize folksong, choir and dance workshops welcoming refugees, migrants singing and dancing together with the locals.

Body care and training for women

In collaboration with Lapinlahden Lähde, we organize sessions such as yoga, pilates and zumba for refugee, migrant and local women. It’s about training together and creating friendship among the new and old citizens of Helsinki.


In collaboration with Circus Helsinki and Lapinlahden Lähde we organize circus workshops where refugees, migrants and locals are performing art of circus together.


Together with Helsinki based skateboarders we organize skateboarding workshops with refugee, migrant and local youth.


In collaboration with Helsinki based dance teacher we organize workshops of modern and Arabic dance making refugees, local and migrants moving their hips together.


In collaboration with our own collective of cosmopolitan music artists, refugees, migrants and locals, we organize music workshops styles varying from digital music to hip-hop and all over the modern landscape of music going on from the artist of Helsinki.

Gym workout

We organize gym sessions for refugees and migrants with the help of locals at the Helsinki City provided sport facilities.

Poetry-spoken words

In collaboration with the Cultural Center Caisa and the local cafes we organize cosmopolitan poetry workshops with poets and hip hop actors.


We organize painting workshops with different themes in collaboration with Helsinki based artist.

Cultural production

In collaboration with our partners we organize the maximum of art and cultural collaborations and productions promoting cosmopolitanism and solidarity. Main projects work in progress:

Solidarity commitment

We manage a network of solidarity commitment as:


We'd like to recognise our partners who support our worshops by providing free spaces, equipment, etc....